Mapei Large Format Floor Tile Mortar Over Ditra

I just used kerabond (unmodified, per schluter )for setting some really thick 16×16 stone and it worked great. Mapei's type 1 and premium mortar should not be used under cement board.

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Never used it but have read the data sheet.

Mapei large format floor tile mortar over ditra. Since your tile isn’t considered large format tile i would just use the 253 for everything. It can also be used for small to large tiles on a diverse range of substrates. In one place we changed our minds about where the tile / hardwood boundary was and i had to pull up about 10 square feet of ditra.

This allows the cement to properly hydrate, resulting in a strong, dense. I may have to price that. It is to be mixed with water only, its consistency is smooth and creamy and it is easy to apply.

I can tell which mapei not to use. The large floor tile mortar! Its above average content of unique dry polymer delivers good adhesion to the substrate and tile.

It’s ok to use an unmodified if you are adhering kerdi to hardibacker or drywall. Since ditra is impervious, it does not deprive the mortar of its moisture. Max discount is $100 with this offer.

So stiking porcs to ditra witch make up most floor tiles cant be guarenteed by dirta if i am understanding this right. If installing large format tiles (over 15"), be sure to give the aquadefense at least 8 hours to cure first. If you look through you will see without exception that the tile is fitted over the ditra with unmodified thin set mortar.

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Mapei kerabond t is a unmodified that can be used for large format over ditra. I thought a modified mortar should be used for the membrane install and the unmodified for tile to membrane, but the mapei floor tile mortar is unmodified unless mixed with polymer additive. What are you guys using for large format stone and ceramic over ditra?

It is to be mixed with water only, its consistency is smooth and creamy and it is easy to apply. Installing 700 sq ft floor of porcelain body tile using ditra over a flat new construction (2 years old now) concrete slab. 20% off your lowe’s advantage card purchase:

I can tell you that the modified thinset had set up quite well after a couple of days. I think i was sold the wrong thinset mortar for these applications. I know interceramic carries ditra set too.

I used mapei ultraflex ii, which is a modified thin set. I also have been using a lot of strata mat with 4xlt on top, 254 underneath. You need to use the polymer additive when going over plywood.

Keep in mind that schluter won’t give a warranty with these mortars but 253 is a great mortar for your entire project. Go to solutions floor tile mortar. It is stocked here ditra is not and i like the option of using a modified mortar.

Mapei tech guy said it could be used as a medium bed mortar even though it doesn't say on the bag. That means no polymer additives at all to comply with the correct installation guides of schluter. If the cement board manufacturer recommends a.

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It was not an easy task to remove the ditra from the floor. It can also be used for small to large tiles on a diverse range of substrates. Used a 1/2 notch trowel and it was sweet.

I had a 100' of ditra heat® that did not stick at all after 24 hours. I am getting ready to install 12×24 tile in my shower and floor and going to be using the kerdi membrane over drywall in the shower and ditra over osb subfloor. This tile mortar will stick tile and stone to interior and exterior floors, walls and countertops.

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